The Ethical Considerations of AI

Just like every other field, as the field of artificial intelligence progresses, many problems are thrown into light. One major problem is represented in the XKCD comic above. As AIs get more and more realistic, the easier it gets to fool people into thinking the AI is a real person. Imagine how shattered the man in the comic is when he realises that the “girl” he has been dating online for months now is actually nothing but a huge bunch of code. This ability to fool people can also be exploited by criminals to obtain private details like passwords or PINs.

A method to prevent this is actually present in the comic itself. A word that is written irregularly and with splotches on it is difficult to be read by an AI which is the only way the man realises that he has been dating an AI. However, as AIs progress, these methods might eventually be overcome by the AIs.

What I think we should do is be careful. We should keep trying to improve AIs but at the same time we should create a sort of fail-safe. We should make sure there is at least one thing that the AI cannot do that humans can do to be able to differentiate between them. Of course, at this stage and for many years to come, there are a million things that humans can do that AIs cannot, but when the time comes, this fail safe must be put in use. This way we could prevent something similar to what happened in the comic, or worse, from actually happening.

One response to “The Ethical Considerations of AI

  1. A failsafe may be difficult to implement, I guess the best thing is to be careful about what you do online. #onlinecon-men

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