Final Project Idea: Swarm Algorithms

I couldn’t think of a good idea for my final project until David ( started talking about swarm algorithms which sounded really interesting, so I thought why not collaborate with him? I contributed to some ideas and I guess we’re working together (I get 80% of the profit money).

  1. What is the specific area you are working within?
    Swarm algorithms that carry out exploration and possibly warring between enemy swarms.
  2. Why is this interesting to you?
    It’s interesting how swarms work together in real life and it’d be interesting to see how a simulation of it works.
  3. Why should other people care?
    This coding can be taken to the next level by using it in actual robotic swarms. Swarms of tiny robotic ants that send information to each other and work much more efficiently at doing certain things like exploration than a single large robot.
  4. What are the practical applications of this topic?
    This could aid mapping of certain areas inaccessible to humans like other planets and might even play a military role (though I hope not).
  5. My order set of steps I plan to take to accomplish it?
    Undecided. Ask David. Or check his blog.
  6. Foreseeable obstacles?
    The whole idea is a bit challenging and, in my opinion, the war is more difficult than the exploration bit.
  7. What tools am I using?
    My brain, David’s brain. Other than that are the minor contributors like the Java SDK, Eclipse and the ACM graphics package. Okay, joking about the “minor” bit.

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