The Consequences of Modern Electronic Surveillance


With the increasing use of technology for surveillance in today’s society, many contradictory issues are being thrown into the spotlight. One good example of these issues is presented in the article linked above.

Mr. Zimmerman is suspected to have shot Mr. Martin but there is no conclusive proof. However, the article says that if one of them or one of the other bystanders had been wearing Google Glasses they might have had a record of what had happened, making a decision easier to make. But this creates privacy issues. People in public would feel uncomfortable knowing that another person with Google Glasses might actually be recording them.

Another issue is the NSA’s spying policy. They defend their position by saying that they spy to protect America from terrorist activity. But again, the privacy of people is compromised.

The comparison to Big Brother mentioned in the article is a bit off because the amount of organisation and obedience needed for a society of that sort is almost impossible with the number of people in the world and technology, in my opinion, makes it even harder because of how connected people have become.

I believe that we surveillance should continue increasing. A world without crime is definitely more attractive than a world with privacy. I think that we can eventually get used to the lack of privacy but crimes have been occuring since man started settling in cities and nobody has come to live with it.

3 responses to “The Consequences of Modern Electronic Surveillance

  1. I agree that we could get used to a lack of privacy. And as you say, even if the government collects as much information as Big Brother, it would be difficult to use it to create such a police state (currently at least).

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