Name: Arkojit Ghosh

Languages I speak: English, Bengali, French

Languages I program in: Java, some Processing, a little C++

Musical instruments: Acoustic guitar, a little piano

Clubs and organisationsAcademic Mentoring Club (helping students with low grades)

Volunteer experience:
Participated in International Day in my school.
Did and internship in Emirates Steel Industry in their IT department. Wrote a program that they implemented into their system.

Playing video games
Attempting to program simple video games
Sometimes searching stuff up on Wikipedia

Computer programming (video game programming)
Molecular biology
Physics (Particle physics, relativity, Newtonian mechanics)

Projects: (Don’t have links to all of them)
EPGY Draw: A simple version of Microsoft Paint (
Visual Sort: A program that helps visualise how different sorting algorithms do their thing (
Minecraft Pixel Art: A program that takes an image and converts it into Minecraft blocks Pixel Art
Rocket Simulation: (Don’t have pictures) Lets you create your own rocket of certain parts and its motion depends on what it’s made of.

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